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Botanical Gallery

I specialize in crafting custom paper flowers that possess an uncanny resemblance to living blossoms. Each flower I meticulously create boasts its own distinct shape and vibrant hue. Employing hand-dyed Italian and German crepe paper, I deftly cut and laminate the material into the desired form, ensuring that my floral masterpieces retain their enchanting allure even after the passage of time.

My artistic process finds inspiration in the resplendence of our breathtaking gardens, the wonders of nature, and the delightful array of live blooms found in charming floral boutiques.

Every single flower I bring to life is tailor-made according to your specific desires. Once we've agreed upon the flower type, color palette, quantity, and pricing, I embark on crafting an exclusive floral creation. The crafting process typically takes around three weeks to complete.

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